Situation in Yemen

The Sa’dah insurgency in Yemen has been going on for over five years, as the Shi’ite Shabab al-Muomineen struggle against the government of Yemen. This conflict has mostly been off the collective radars of most of us in the West because of its remote location and relatively small-time players. Recently however, it has raised its profile after reports surfaced that Iran has been sending weapons to the Shi’ite insurgents, in much the same way it does for Hezbollah. Additionally, the rebels attacked over the Saudi border, bringing that nation into the fight directly. Now Yemen and Saudi Arabia are working together to clear the Iranian-backed rebels.

Another hot spot for us to monitor.

Overview of the fight.

News update on the fighting.

A map showing some of the displaced persons in Yemen due to this conflict.

Google map showing the area. Satellite view shows this is a desolate place to fight.

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