Media Bias Comment

My reply to a story about pay walls in the media.


Unfortunately for the newspapers and legacy media, they have already lost the faith of the readers and watchers by illustrating that they are not unbiased reporters – instead often insert their own bias. No matter how accurate the fact checking, if you are pushing your own agenda in addition to the facts – you can’t expect savvy media consumers to buy into it.

The fact checkers are so unreliable that they can’t even tell us how many people were actually in Washington DC on 9/12. Why? Because the media is biased to the left, and thus ignored a perfectly legitimate news story because it leaned to the right. I couldn’t care less about politics, but I do care about fair minded reporting. Legacy media fails miserably there.

What we are left with is “pretty good news” from unbiased bloggers or citizen reporters which in the view of many is better than the “professional grade” news dished out by the legacy crew. The only pay wall I’d ever visit is the type of micro-wall you get for individual reporters like Michael Yon reporting from Afghanistan. I trust his reporting more than anything I’d ever read in the mainstream. Big corporations can’t compete with that because they are counting demographics to aim the news, rather than provide unbiased news to serve to the community. Pay walls will do nothing to solve that problem.


~ by greathistorydotcom on November 3, 2009.

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