History Roundup 10-30-2009

My weekly buzz around the Weider History Group websites, and odds and ends from elsewhere;

On HistoryNet, take off to the Wild Blue Yonder as World War II magazine blogger Robert Citino pays tribute to the airmen of World War II. For more aviation, check out Max Gadney’s infograph illustrating the Spitfire. Finally, for a different angle, there is an interview with Ed Zwick, director of Glory worth checking out.

On ArmchairGeneral.com, Author Peter Suciu takes readers on a virtual tour of some of Italy’s best military tourist destinations. There is a review of the new Axis and Allies Booster set, Flank Speed and Steven Pressfield takes a look at some winning strategies for the current conflict in Afghanistan. President Obama should check that out! Lastly, we have a very special feature called the Incorrect Art of War, which is number 38 in a series dedicated to the humourous stylings of Doctor Sinister as he struggles to understand military strategy and military history. This is the last of the series!

On GreatHistory.com, there are a wide range of history articles to suit anyone’s fancy. A piece on Native Americans explores the concept of the land bridge from Asia. Ghosts of Migrations Past is a look at the National Park Service. Finally, Women Who Whack, Part II is a quirky look at one very serious set of murders in 19th century England – perpetrated by a woman no less!


Some interesting links I’ve come across this week;

I’ve run into a few articles covering aircraft carriers and naval vessels in SE Asia, and found one of interest which shows how China is trying to restore an old Russian aircraft carrier so they can use it as a training vessel. Another article is a look at India, which is also trying to build a navy from scratch.

Just today, this article popped up on the problems Russia is facing with it own insurgency in the Caucasus. This is something that has fallen well beneath most radars here in the West.

Have a happy and safe Halloween. My 3 yr old son is going as Peter Pan because he just loves that movie. I’m hopeful tomorrow night is dry as it has been raining almost every day here in Missouri this October. Feels more like England than it ever should here!

[I originally published this at the blogging site GreatHistory.com]


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