History Roundup 10-23-2009

Some odds and ends on Great History to report;

What can we learn about insurgencies from the Nepali Civil War? Does it have lessons for Afghanistan, and perhaps Pakistan too? And leave it to Great History to mix cake and nuclear bombs. This fascinating piece showcases the life of one woman who had a calming effect on some of the men building the atomic bomb during World War II. And continuing with the food theme we have a survey of restaraunts found in the American West. Are they different than any found in the East? Decide for yourself. Finally, we take a peak at the Obama administration’s plan to cut executive pay…something that has never been done quite like this.

On HistoryNet.com, we have an article on General Grant and his drinking. There is an article looking at the problems of the American health care system. Robert Citino tours Warsaw and comes to realize how much history was destroyed during World War II, and how much we’ll never understand what truly happened.

Armchair General has a couple of new game reviews for Dawn of Discovery and World War 2: Time of Wrath. While there, stop in and read Tactics 101: Air Movement Plan so you’ll know how to conduct airborne operations! Carlo D’ Este also checks in with an examination of Eisenhower’s broad front strategy at the end of World War II.


Some interesting links I’ve come across this week;

Ever wonder what would happen if the US or Israel went in to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities buried underground? It turns out that it may just be impossible to penetrate new varieties of concrete.

A nice blog post by game designer and publisher Mark H. Walker, giving props to our Armchair General game reviews.

Hollywood apparently is finding interest in making a movie about the Georgian-Russian conflict of 2008. With the recent EU report blaming both sides for the conflict, I will be anxious to see which side Hollywood will take.

Is China already at war with the United States? Apparently, they are in cyberspace right this minute!

Sad pictures of North Korean life. While building nuclear reactors, the government forgot to feed the people…

Finally, here is something cool; The USS New York, built with some steel from the downed World Trade Center, is up and running!

[I originally published this at the blogging site GreatHistory.com]


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