Pararescue Jumpers in Vietnam

The CIA man who ran Lima Site 36 in Laos was known simply as “The Customer,” and he commanded a base that didn’t officially exist. The north Laotian site, with its crude landing strip in close proximity to the North Vietnamese border, changed hands almost every year, and it perpetually smelled of death. When the brush around the base was burned to clear defensive fields of fire, unexploded ordnance routinely went off.

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~ by greathistorydotcom on October 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pararescue Jumpers in Vietnam”

  1. I was glued to the monitor. I was well written and very riveting!

  2. thanks….finally…i love the us army special forces…they are so good….the navy seals….awesome….but nobody thinks the us air force is tough….try para-rescue….special forces….seals….all great …..but they dont really have a clue…..well i really should not say that because they are great…. but if i am down….i want air force para rescue to come for me…..that is my best chance to survive. i am former para rescue..1963-1969

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