History Roundup 10-09-2009

The big news of the day is the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to neophyte President Obama. This has lit up the Internet with strong opinions on both sides of the “did he deserve it?” debate. Our own forums have just such a discussion on Obama’s Nobel Prize.

I’ve been personally interested in a story which happened in Afghanistan last week. A battle for a small outpost in remote Afghanistan resulted in the death of 8 US soldiers, 2 or 3 Afghan soldiers, and approximately 100 Taliban. The Afghan Tip of the Spear takes a look at this. Some interesting video in the link, plus it gives a good sense of the difficulties in trying to bring peace to the wasteland of that country.

Interested in a view of why the US decided to discontinue the anti-Iran missile shield in Poland and the Czech republic? Frank Chadwick takes a look with The Missiles of September: The Return of Common Sense. Also on Great History, is part II of the overview of blowups in the US congress – fresh on the heels of the Joe Wilson “YOU LIE!” outburst against President Obama. Joe Wilson and the History of Congressional Blowups, Part II. Finally, we have a look at New York City’s 400th birthday with Peter Culos and Vermeer Shmermeer. Lots of other great articles on Great History, so go check it out!

On HistoryNet.com, you’ll find a lot of new material this week as several new issues are going to newsstands. If you are into Vietnam, you might want to check out Pararescue Jumpers’ Daring Rescue of Downed Fighter Pilot Deep Inside North Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh and the OSS. Civil War enthusiasts will find lots of new material, including Murder and Mayhem Ride the Rails – Union Soldiers Rampage in Virginia. Be sure to visit http://www.historynet.com for all the latest articles showing up on the site.

On Armchair General, besides the leading link discussing Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, we have a few new game reviews; Heroes of the Blitzkreig – Board Game Review, Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat – Miniatures War Game Review, Richard Berg’s Flintlock – Carolina Rebels – Board Game Review.

Lastly, for a cool story about how the global recession has affected international shipping (not as boring as it sounds!) see this story about the Ghost Fleet of the Recession.

[I originally published this at the blogging site GreatHistory.com]


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