History Roundup 09-25-2009

Before I head into the weekend, here is a roundup of interesting history articles from the Weider History Group, and a few from the internet at large.

The big story this week was the United Nations. A rambling speech by Libyan crackpot Muammar Qaddafi pretty much typifies the business of the United Nations these days, with follow on nonsense by Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. On the plus side US President Obama gave an address about working together in the UN, though one wonders if the UN can ever be a positive force in this world when it is packed with the likes of the former leaders. Kudos to Canada for ingoring the Iranian speech altogether. Our members discuss Obama at the United Nations.

Afghanistan was also in the news this week, as the top commander there gives his assessment of what we need now to win the war. That decision is still up in the air, but here is an article with some perspectives on that nation. The History of War in Afghanistan on Great History. A related article asks if the US currently has the Best Army in History? Lastly on this theme is this book review by Ralph Peters called The War After Armageddon.

Want to know more about Congressional conflict, in the same vein as Joe “You Lie!” Wilson? Check out Joe Wilson and the History of Congressional Blowups, Part I.

Over on Armchair General, the latest Tactics 101 piece is out, covering Landing Plans in airborne operations. Sticking with the air theme, they also have articles on Operation Market Garden and air power in Western Europe during the Second World War.

On HistoryNet.com, a great interview with one of the mainstays of Capitol Hill – not a politician – but a barber! Fascinating. Joe Quattrone, Barber to Capitol Hill. A second article looks at the effects of losing hundreds of WW2 veterans each day; What is Lost When Veterans Pass?. Finally, lets look at something totally mad from the Civil War. How about John Brown?

There were many more stories on all 3 sites, so if these aren’t enough to keep you busy over the weekend, go check out the rest!

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[I originally published this at the blogging site GreatHistory.com]


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