USS New Jersey Tags Along

The internet is a wonderful place, and the breadth and depth of it is almost unfathomable. For those interested in history, we have a tiny niche within the exabytes of data floating through the data stream, but there are some gems washing ashore all the time…

Today I noted that the USS New Jersey is on Twitter, and it is following us here on Great History! A few years ago I came within a mile of visiting the battleship while I was on a running foot tour of Philadelphia. I had about two hours to run around downtown and see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the waterfront – before I had to get over to the airport. I had no idea the USS New Jersey would be sitting there – and I was out of time or I’d have made the journey to see her first hand.

I try to get on every battleship I can, while they are still around (I’ve only been on two so far, the USS Missouri and USS Texas). Next time I’m in Jersey, I’ll be on this one now that I know she is there!

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~ by greathistorydotcom on September 21, 2009.

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