History Roundup 08-31-2009

As we sit on the doorstep of the 70th anniversary of the start of World War II in Europe (Sept. 1, 1939 Germany invades Poland), I’m looking around at what has been going on in the Weider History network and around the Internet. Here are some of the goods, starting with a piece appropriately titled Death of the Wehrmacht.

If you are a fan of top 10 lists as well as history, you’ll probably want to check out this article; 10 Heroic Last Stands from Military History.

Agatha Christie fans might be interested to learn more about her private life in Greenway House – At Home With Agatha Christie.

On Armchair General we have a game review for the follow on to Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 called Darkest Hour: Europe ’44 – ’45. I personally feel the need to check out the game because the first title was frustrating with its flaws, though it had fantastic potential. I wrote a piece a few years ago to vent said frustrations; Red Orchestra: Are You a Panzer Leader or Panzer Loser?

Lots of new stuff on Great History. A fascinating look at women in ancient Persia (I think Frank Chadwick could make dung beetles fascinating!) called Ancient Persia’s Remarkable Women. A new podcast with Mike Green, who has interviewed tankers from World War I through modern day; Mike Green Podcast – War Stories of the Tankers. Finally, the next step in Marvel Comics now that Disney has bought them.

There were many more stories on all 3 sites, so be sure to check out the rest! Follow these sites on Twitter to stay up to the minute with the articles. @greathistory_ @historynet @armchairgeneral

PS. I never made it to Inglorious Basterds last week. I’ve heard it was pretty good, though predictably there were lots of views about politics from around the world. Apparently some folks think it was too harsh on ordinary Germans by the Jewish soldiers…

[I originally published this at the blogging site GreatHistory.com]


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