History Roundup 08-19-2009

Here are some highlights from the previous week from the Weider History Network.

The Cowboy Brigade’s Roosevelt Inaugural Invasion – The Rough Riders in Washington D.C. (from Wild West magazine on HistoryNet.com).

The Autumn 2009 issue of Military History Quarterly has this piece on Napoleon The Emperor’s Tipping Point: Napoleon at Eylau.

Have you ever been to a game convention? I’ve been to several, including GenCon, Origins, Historicon, the World Boardgaming Championships. Each has something unique to offer, but for those interesting mostly in military history, your best bet is Historicon, which will be held in Baltimore in 2010. Here are some pictures from the 2009 convention; Historicon 2009 photos

Armchair General also did a review of Panzerkrieg: Burning Horizon 2.

A couple recent articles on Great History, just in case you missed them.
Abraham Lincoln and the Extra ‘d’ in His In-laws’ Name
Woodstock – Looking Back on 3 Days of Peace and Music

Personally, the most interesting story of last week was the lost freighter that everyone was searching for in the mid-Atlantic. Pirates apparently boarded her at some point, but then left, and she went dark after passing through the English Channel. An international search was launched, and days later she showed up off Cape Verde Islands. Then it was confirmed that the Russian navy had reached her, and the crew is safe. But will the mystery be solved? The Arctic Sea is found off Cape Verde. Cool stuff!

[I originally published this at the blogging site GreatHistory.com]


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